Apply my Thirty plus years experience hands on daily navigating your transaction to a closing.

Why Paddy Campbell?

 I am not obligated  to any large organization, internal politics, beholden to no one, My total focus is on closing your next transaction. My trusted network of Brokers and private sources will let me find it! 

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Our Story

We build true human connections and break down barriers, because we believe great moments of shared experiences are the best in life.

Building Relationships

We're a trusted leader.  We're here to help you get the most out of your investment, developing a relationship with like minded professionals. And while we give advice, we're also here to listen, share, laugh and respect!.

Fueling Ideas

Caledonian Resources LLC believes that the best investments are those that sustain future growth, future investments, and future opportunities. We don't just excel at concentrating on present projects, but also aspire to prepare the field for the next generation of opportunities. Our business model is founded upon the principles of integrity, vision, and continuing growth.

Forging Futures

Caledonian Resources LLC believes in forging lasting investment relationships. We look forward to working with our clients their  specific investment goals. 

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